Plastic labels better than paper ones?

Updated: Sep 27

how to label cables

Plastic wrap film labels are made from plastic films, which makes them a more durable material with a flexible one than paper.

Films are a remarkably innovative product and offer unique labeling benefits that can be to your advantage.


Films are substantially more flexible than their generic paper or plastic counterparts. They can formidably conform to their surroundings, making them ideal labels for difficult surfaces.

Finish and transparency

The plastic film labels are also available with a transparent background, which is ideal for creating a modern finish that does not change the visual of the product to be identified.


Due to their high strength, film labels are recommended for use in outdoor environments, underwater, rich in moisture, long-term applications, or products subject to frequent use and high abrasion.

Greater resistance to adverse environmental conditions. The film material exhibits "weather resistant" qualities and can withstand various conditions such as water, heat, chemicals, oil, fading and tearing. Because of this, they are a recommended option for industrial uses where a label would not fulfill the mission of durably identifying

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