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Label printing supplier personal data privacy

What does the term personal data mean?


Personal data is any information related to a person that is provided when they visit a website. This includes your name, address, email, and phone number, among other details. 


Secure personal data


Our industrial label printing team constantly works to guarantee the security of your personal data. We store your data in our information systems, where we implement strict security, technical, and organizational measures to prevent loss or unauthorized access by third parties. In addition, personal data that is particularly sensitive is transmitted or communicated using SSL encryption. 


Do we share your personal data?


We communicate the necessary personal data to complete your order to entities that require it, including PayPal, Correos, DHL, and FedEx. To process your orders, we store this data in centralized customer databases. We will only send this information to entities located within the European Economic Area, so they are subject to European Union regulations on data protection and handled by entities that are committed to complying with the corresponding data protection standards. 


What personal data do we use and for what purpose?


Any information you provide while visiting our website will be handled in compliance with the data protection regulations. Your data will only be collected, processed, and used for legitimate purposes that we communicate to you. We store and use your personal information to help you navigate our website as smoothly as possible, facilitating processes like registering, formalizing contracts, contacting us, or sending us information.


Social media


We advertise on social media platforms. When you interact with our ads, each social network is responsible for how it uses your data. Therefore, we do not request this data from them.


Do we use information from minors?


Minors are not permitted to register on our website without the consent of a parent, guardian, or legal representative. 


When you visit our website, some information is stored automatically for technical reasons (e.g., the IP address of the computer you used to access the site or the browser you are using).


Do you want to change your permissions?


You may object to using your information for advertising purposes, market research, or satisfaction survey development at any time. In addition, you may revoke your consent at any time (without retroactive effect). To do this, you must send an email to or use our contact form.


What cookies do our websites use?


Our websites use cookies. Cookies are text files that allow us to recognize a user and make their experience on our website more comfortable. This includes default settings on our website or shopping area. Cookies are stored on your computer’s hard drive and are only transmitted to our servers when you visit our website. Therefore, we recommend that you delete or eliminate cookies after visiting our website if you use public or shared computers. 


If you would like us to erase your data from our servers or no longer wish to receive our emails, let us know by writing to us at

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