Advance cable labelling

We offer high-quality labels for cables and wires that are compatible with the best existing cable labellers worldwide.

We offer high-quality cable labelling solutions to help you with your projects unique needs and requirements; From flexible to heat-shrinkable labels to identify your cables, electrical boxes, and more.

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heat shrink wire labels

Heat Shrink Labels

Making Identification Easier

Our heat-shrinkable label sleeves for cables ensure correct identification by using our durable, professional-looking labels. We specialize in providing high-quality products for various sectors such as electrical and computer science. Our heat shrink tape is compatible with the most recognized electrical cable identification labels from Brother. In addition, our products will help you comply with the CENELEC labelling regulations, as they meet specific colour and size requirements.

Brother label makers

Brother is a leading brand in the labelling industry, and it's not hard to see why. They are efficient, reliable and easy to use. At Kuanttum, we are proud to offer cable labelling solutions compatible brother cable label printers.

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Resilient materials
Built To Last

High-resistance cable labelling, we manufacture our labels using high-quality materials, thus offering you a high-quality cable labelling solution, which gives them durability.  

Frequently asked questions


1. Do you offer discounts on bulk purchases?
We understand that saving money by buying in bulk is an integral part of your operations.
That is why we always offer the most competitive prices and discounts on industrial labels,
from orders of 20, 60, and 100 labels.

2. Do you send valid EU invoices
You will never have to worry about the validity of your Kuanttum invoices. Our policy is to
send a valid invoice with each purchase, with all necessary information as required by
clause C2 (Payment and VAT). 

3. With what label maker do you work with
At Kuanttum, we are proud to work exclusively with Brother, the world’s leading
printer manufacturer, with more than 110 years of experience designing and implementing
innovative technology for domestic and commercial use. Businesses around the world trust.


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Labellers Designed With The Newest Technology

The Brother Series PT

Brother cable labellers are the perfect cable identifier solution to be used on large projects, allowing you to print where and when you need them. Together with our labels they are the perfect cable labeling solution that your technical team needs

Why choose our labels?

Thanks to our wholesale approach, our labels offer the same excellent high quality that you would expect to find with Brother labels at a much more affordable price.

In every phase of your project

Identification matters

With Kuanttum we will obtain the labeling solutions. Our range includes labels for cables, identification of boxes, electrical panels and panels, uniforms and other parts in general.

Where We Ship

At Kuanttum, we ship our labels anywhere in Spain, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. We are the right solution for international labelling.

Flexible Cable Labels

We have the best flexible adhesive tapes for labeling cables, pipes or other cylindrical objects where flexible labeling is required.

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Tape For Labelling Clothes

Do you need to know where to buy labels to mark clothes and uniforms? In Kuanttum you can buy your thermoadhesive labels to identify your compnay uniforms.

Wholesale cable labelling

Improve your costs; buy in bulk!

We distribute cable labels wholesale with great discounts in packages of 5, 20 and 100 units. You are not only getting excellent quality but also at a reasonable price.

Labels with a purpose!

With these void security labels, you will be able to supervise that your company's equipment has not been manipulated by unauthorized persons, thanks to the fact that it leaves a security footprint when trying to manipulate or alter it, preventing it from sticking again. Compatible with Brother labellers displaying the TZ and TZe logo. Safety is important!