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Distribuidora de etiquetas para cables brother hse y etiquetas cuadros electricos res

Advance Cable Labelling Solutions 

We offer high-quality cable labelling solutions to help you with your projects unique needs and requirements, From flexible to heat-shrinkable labels to identify your cables, electrical boxes, and more.

heat shrink tube printer

Compatible with
Brother label makers

Making Identification Easier

Brother is a leading brand in the labelling industry, and it's not hard to see why. They are efficient, reliable and easy to use. At Kuanttum, we proudly offer cable labelling solutions for compatible Brother cable label printers.

heat shrink label maker - Kuanttum
cable identification tags

Resistant material

Built To Last

High-resistance cable labelling, we manufacture our labels using high-quality materials, thus offering you a high-quality cable labelling solution which gives them durability.  

Etiquetas para cables la mejor intificacion de cableado -Kuanttum.jpg

Heat Shrink Labels

Making Identification Easier

Our heat-shrinkable label sleeves for cables ensure correct identification using our durable, professional-looking labels. We provide high-quality products for various sectors, such as electrical and computer science. Our heat shrink tapes are compatible with Brother's most recognized electrical cable identification labels. In addition, our products will help you comply with the CENELEC labelling regulations, as they meet specific colour and size requirements.

Other Cable Label Types

We have a variety of options available to meet your needs.

flexible cable labels

Flexible Cable Labels

We have the best flexible adhesive tapes for labeling cables, pipes or other cylindrical objects where flexible labeling is required.

flexible cable labels

Strong Cable Labels

We have the best flexible adhesive tapes for labeling cables, pipes or other cylindrical objects where flexible labeling is required.

Tape For Labelling Clothes

Do you need to know where to buy labels to mark clothes and uniforms? In Kuanttum you can buy your thermoadhesive labels to identify your compnay uniforms.

flexible cable labels

Metallic finish Cable Labels

These laminated labels are suitable to identify switches, distribution electrical boxes, racks, among others, with a metallic matte industrial finish.

void sticker label

Void security labels

With these labels, you can supervise that your company's equipment has not been manipulated by unauthorized persons, thanks to the fact that it leaves a security footprint when trying to manipulate or alter it, preventing it from sticking again.

Frequently asked questions


1. Do you offer discounts on bulk purchases?

We understand that reducing costs by buying in bulk is essential to your operations. That is why we always offer the most competitive prices and discounts on industrial for orders over 100 units. 

Contact us at for a custom wholesale quotation.


2. Do you send valid EU invoices

You will never have to worry about the validity of your invoices. Our policy is to always send a valid invoice with each order.

3. What brand of label maker is compatible with your printer?

At Kuanttum, we proudly make labels compatible with Brother labels makers, one of the world’s leading printer manufacturers. 

flexible cable labels

Film Labels

Continue rolls of wide laminated labels from 622 to 100mm in height and made of high-strength plastic film labels for use in the most difficult environments.

- From 62MM to 100 MM Wide  X 100 mts

- Strong Film Material

- Colours





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